Who Are We?

The Cooperative

Entr'ouvert is a cooperative company attached to the principle of company democracy. Employees own the company in equal shares and the manager is elected based on the "1 vote per employee" principle. We privilege an organic operating mode, close to the one we find in a number of free software communities. This is an operating mode that is comfortable to us and overall efficient to produce free software.

Entr'ouvert has a thorough knowledge of free software communities and their operating mode. Preserving and promoting the free software ecosystem is part of the structure purposes. Several employees are engaged in free projects that are not linked to the business activities of Entr'ouvert (for example: the April association or the GNOME project).

The company is made of 7 persons and we are present in Paris and Marseille. We are a small company, with the flexibility that this entails, but we are used to working with large bodies (administrations and companies), such as the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the Walloon parliament, the Parlement de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, France Télécom, the Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l'État, Cisco...

To know more about Entr'ouvert, visit our frequently asked questions.

The Team

Mikaël Ates

Research engineer and architect, PhD in computer sciences, author of a thesis on digital identities, and author of scientific articles in the field. Mikaël is coordinating the cooperative projects and research projects of Entr'ouvert. He contributes to the development of Authentic 2, Identity Hub, Lasso, Veridic, and Cryptic softwares. He oversees the OSSIWG free software theme group (Open Source Software Initiative Work Group) within the Kantara Initiative.

Victor Claudet

Victor is the e-administration project manager and takes care especially of our "Au quotidien" teleservices solution. He has both a strong technical expertise in web technologies and standards and a deep knowledge of the work of local communities, as he has long been working in a town council of the greater Paris.

Pierre Cros

Project manager, member of the APRIL board, Pierre has a good knowledge of the free software communities and a wide experience in project management. Graduated from Sciences Po Lyon and the ENSSIB, he founded and directed a Tunisian company offering free software services in 2001. He has worked more than 6 years in Africa where he was overseeing a number of virtual campuses, training, research and production locations for researchers and university teachers.

Benjamin Dauvergne

Benjamin is analyst programmer engineer and can code at light-speed as long as we don't tell him about Java. He is the main developer of our identity federation core softwares, Lasso and Authentic. Incidentally, he is also the accountant of Entr'ouvert and whenever the accounting software doesn't make it, he patches it.

Serghei Mihai

The Free is very important in his eyes: even if he is a joker, there are things he is serious with. Python developper(even in Plone!), he's always available for hard tasks. Last arrived, he managed to be essential in the team.

Thomas Noël

Thomas is an expert in free software and its community since 1995. He has worked for 11 years at the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie where he reached the position of CIO (taking care of a group covering 50 countries). Interested to get back to a more technical work, he chose to join Entr'ouvert in 2010. He enjoys project management, coding, as well as system administration.

Frédéric Péters

A large number of free software developers take Fred for a guru. Debian developer since little, he has been Release Manager for the GNOME project from 2011 to 2016 and is still a very active member. Top Python developer, expert in web technologies, he has also mastered the art of ergonomic and esthetic interfaces. His being meticulous and his vision work wonders on the projects he is taking care of.