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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Entr'ouvert?

Entr'ouvert officially exists since 2002, as a SCOP (Société Coopérative Ouvrière de Production), one of the status enabling us to apply the principles of democracy and transparency that we cherish. Employees own the company in equal shares and important decisions are taken collectively based on the "1 vote per employee" principle.

What are your activities?

Free software. More precisely, everything about e-administration and respect of privacy is interesting to us. Today, we are particularly specialized in digital identity management solutions, in one hand, and in teleservices for local communities in the other hand. More generally, we work with a number of administrations on every aspect of the citizen-state relationship.

You do free software, how do you make money?

Through services: software adapting, specific developments, consulting, training.

Are you not just crazy uncontrollable communists / trotskyists / leftists / anarchists?

Sadly not. Our approach is more pragmatic than dogmatic. We have tried to create a company which would be enjoyable to us. Obviously, the model propagation is still our concern, but it remains a side effect, not the main purpose.

With such a small scale, how can you handle big projects?

We are 7, that is few. We are yet in first line on national scale projects. Our work method, in the spirit of agile methods, enables us to save much time: rather than writing long, costly, and always fragmentary specifications, whatever their level of sophistication, we realize prototypes and confront those to a panel of users from the beginning of the project. We really apply the recommended theory to place users at the core of the project designing, involving them as early as possible.

We also rely on the Libre-Entreprise network.

The Libre-Entreprise network, what is it?

The Libre-entreprise network is comprised of companies with specialities close to or complementing those of the field of free software. They all share the same values and operation modes, based on transparency, and expertise. The group is present in France (Bayonne, Grenoble, Laval, Liévin, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris, Tours) and in Belgium (Bruxelles).

The network organization enables Entr'ouvert to benefit of a large scale homogeneous business offer and of a set of specilaized resources in numerous fields, besides the own resources of the company. Each company in the network operates like a "Business Unit" with its own management independency.

I love what you do, where can I sign in?

We do recruit from time to time, but our purpose is not to grow. We don't believe that our operation mode is sustainable in structures of more than 15 to 20 people. The network site will give you clues on how to create a company in view to integrate the group. You will find Entr'ouvert status wihtin.

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