"Au quotidien"¹, ready to use offer

Citizen-state Relationship Management is at the core of public organizations concerns. Officers need to follow up and answer user requests for city services. A major part of these requests can be done at the city hall counters, which can sometimes be a bottleneck between users and services. To ease these requests and guarantee a best request management, we offer to communities the implementation of an online services portal accessible from the city web page. The implementation of our teleservices solution Au quotidien offers many advantages.

Au quotidien is an offer based on w.c.s., a software for digital forms design and online consultation developped by Entr'ouvert. w.c.s. and Au qutodien are published under GNU GPL licence.


Our project and services

Entr'ouvert has a part in large scaled projects in the field of online services in France and Belgium For 10 years.

Within all these years, we have acquired experience and a solid expertise in various aspects of information systems for territorial authorities and government services.

We are thus able to direct our clients to the most adapted solutions of relation to the current administered, in particular when it comes to deal with Open Data. Whenever no satisfying and existing solution can be identified that would support the specific needs of an administration, we develop patches or even a new tailoredsoftware.