Free software experts

Customised developments

You want to have an application that fits precisely your needs. If we don't find a satisfying solution after checking all existing free softwares, we offer to develop one.

Entr'ouvert is characterized by a high expertise level recognized by our clients and the developer communities with which we are working. That enables us to develop specific applications in a large range of fields.

Customised development is the guarantee of a perfectly adapted software, without any superfluous feature.

We work along your side from the definition of your need to the software production, our flexibility enabling us to proceed with various adjustments meanwhile.

We develop using Python language in most cases. Today, most of our developments are web oriented and use the Django framework and the power of JQuery Mobile to design interfaces that are perfectly adapted to mobile phones ans tablets. We also have strong expertise in C.

SaaS and system administration

If you are concerned about externalizing your computer architecture, we can (and we didn't wait for the Cloud for that) deploy your softwares on our servers. This is the best way to guarantee an exploitation with no other charge than the service subscription.

More generally, we deploy, host, and maintain our solutions on efficient, flexible servers, which guarantees you an optimal service in terms of safety, of confidentiality of data, and of availability.


You have questions regarding e-administration, identity management, or any aspects of free software ? Ask us, we offer consulting services, audit, study and quality control.


Trainings that we offer are essentially about the products that we develop, but we occasionally offer Plone and training. We know that repetition is the basis of any form of pedagogy as repetition is the basis of any form of pedagogy.