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Freedom Networks

Free software is understood to imply a community operation. When this notion is brought to the company level, it means operating in networks. We are member of two company networks specialized in free software.


The Libre-entreprise network is comprised of human-sized companies with specialities close to or complementing those of the field of free software. They all share the same values and operation mode, based on company democracy, transparency, and expertise.

The network organization enables Entr'ouvert to benefit of a large scale homogeneous business offer and of a set of specialized resources in numerous fields, besides the own resources of the company. Each company in the network operates like a "Business Unit" with its own management independence.

The network is present all over France.

Réseau Libre Entreprise


Libertis is a geographical network, comprised of specialized companies of free software in the PACA region. Entr'ouvert integrated it because of its location in Marseille.

Created in 2004, LIBERTIS association aims to comprise service companies experienced in the free model and ready to provide quality services to their clients.

Réseau Libertis

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