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Identity management references

Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations — Adeline

Adeline is a project started by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations in order to have the Service-Public Local evolve, and the technical architecture of which, based on the Liberty Alliance standards, has been designed by Entr'ouvert.

Paris Sciences Lettres — Identity Federation and LDAP directory for « Paris Sciences Lettres » members

Set up of an identity provider connected to RENATER federation and of a OpenLDAP server allowinf each member to manage its own branch of the directory. Development of a LDAP directory web interface. Design of an ISO image to install the whole solution easily on a GNU/Linux server.

Cisco — Lasso license

Cisco chose to integrate our Lasso library in some of its firewalls. As Lasso is implemented here in proprietary software, Cisco could not use the Lasso GPL license and had to acquire a specific business license.

Université Numérique Paris Île-de-France — UnivNautes

UnivNautes is a captive portal, based on the SAML 2.0 identity federation technology. A captive portal configured as a gateway allows to control the network access. Routing of data is authorized for a user after a successful authentication through a web interface. UnivNautes is based on pfSense 2 and Authentic 2 (SAML 2.0 IdP). UnivNautes is also provided with an interface adapted to mobile terminals.

Mairie de Paris — Study on the implementation of a circle of trust

Study on the implementation of a SAML 2.0 circle of trust for families from Paris. Study of the connection of existing services to the circle of trust.

IFEF — Implementation of a circle of trust

Implementation of a LDAP directory and an identity provider for all of the institute services. Study on its connection to Mon.Service-Public.fr

FederID Consortium — FederID

The FederID project is a research project of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) resulting from the 2005 call for projects. The consortium is made of French companies (Thales, Linagora, Entr'ouvert), the TELECOM Saint-Étienne engineering school, and the ObjectWeb (OW2) consortium. The FederID project has made possible the development or enhancement of a variety of free-source softwares dedicated to the management and federation of digital identities.

Consortium RoleID — RoleID (copy)

Le projet RoleID est un projet franco-finlandais débuté en 2009. Il s'agit d'un projet du programme Eureka de l'ITEA2. Le projet repose sur un système de contrôle d'accès dynamique basé sur les rôles et une architecture distribuée de gestion d'identité.

Fepem — Implementation of a circle of trust

Study on the implementation of an identity provider and a LDAP directory shared with the FEPEM institute. Study on its connection to Mon Service Public.

Evidian — Lasso integration

Cooperation for the integration of Lasso in the Evidian identity management products.

Bull — Liberty Alliance training

We have trained many executives from Bull to the different Liberty Alliance protocols.

ICDC — Liberty Alliance training

Training to Liberty Alliance standards and to Lasso - our Liberty Alliance library - integration.

Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l'État — Adeline / Mon Service Public interconnection

For the launch of "Mon Service Public", the French e-administration portal, in December 2008, we have been working on the interconnection between Mon.service-public.fr and Adeline, a project of the "Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations". In particular, we have modified our Lasso library so that it can fit with the identity provider of Mon Service Public.

Projet EOLE / Rectorat de Dijon — Lasso Library Training

Assistance to the integration of Lasso in the Eole SSO software.

FC² Consortium — FC²

FC² is a resesarch related to the interconnection of the circles of trust of the French administration, banks, telecommunication operators and service providers through the web. The consortium is made of the Direction Générale pour la Modernisation de l'État (D.G.M.E.), the Groupe d'Intérêt Public sur la Carte Bancaire (G.I.P.C.B.), several French companies (Orange, Atos Worldline, Gemalto, Entr'ouvert) and research teams of the TELECOM Institute.

CdG59 — Pratic teleservices platform

Shared teleservices platform using identity federation for the towns of the "Nord" department in France, now deployed in 40 cities, and in 1000 in the future.

Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque — Identity management architecture

The insfrastructure lean on the Authentic 2 identity provider which covers several LDAP directory (within and without the information system) to build a meta-directory. All the connected services delegate the user authenticationto this multiprotocol identity provider (SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID 2.0...)

Certivox — Adding M-Pin support to Authentic

M-Pin provides "Zero Password™ Strong Authentication" Certivox says. We adding the support of this technology within Authentic and trained Certivox team so that they can use Authentic+MPin on their own. They bought a proprietary license of Authentic to do so.

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