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Truly free softwares

The solutions that we offer are free projects, completely reversible. This is different from some “Open Source” solution that many companies, not free software specialists, have to offer. Today, the “Open Source” term, originally very respectable, is now misused as a marketing argument by companies pretending not to understand all the issues behind the opening of their solution code, first of which is the client independence.

A free software is open from the very beginning and developed in cooperation whilst an “Open Source” code is often opened a posteriori. That has major consequences on the code quality. Readability and code structure don't get the same attention when you develop by yourself compared to when observed by the critical eye of an external developer community.

A free software must be accompanied by a free documentation and its code needs to be clearly documented to allow an easy appropriation. Recent softwares claiming to be “Open Source” rarely meet these criteria.

A free software source code needs to be accessible by everyone, be associated with a specific discussion list and a user community. Entr'ouvert is very much involved in the free software community, and perfectly masters its operation modes. Such is not the case for companies being initiated to “Open Source”.

Therefore, only a free project guarantees the reversibility of the solution: the day a client is not satisfied anymore by the provider, he has all the tools needed to easily change it. Wherever “Open Source” solution dealers try to introduce bias to guarantee that their clients stay largely captive to them, we make efforts to ensure the total independence of our clients and that their desire to work with us does not lie on anything else than the quality of the services we provide.

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