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Free Licenses

All our solutions can be freely downloaded and used, according to the GNU GPL V2 or later license terms, with the exception of Au quotidien, published under GNU Affero GPL V3 license. The official text of the GNU GPL and AGPL licenses can be found on the Free Software Foundation site. The GNU GPL license requires that softwares in strong interaction with our solutions be themselves published under a compatible license.

Lasso can, however, be strongly linked to a proprietary solution, in which case the GNU GPL license shall not be used. Entr'ouvert always encourages his clients to do the maximum to be able to use a GNU GPL licence. Whenever this is not possible, Entr'ouvert can make up a business use license of Lasso for payment. Entr'ouvert can offer this business use license since it has full and complete intellectual property on the Lasso code.

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