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Research and Development

Entr'ouvert devotes a large part of its activities to research and development work, to technology watch, in order to maintain the quality of its services and softwares.

From its beginning, Entr'ouvert shares in national and European research projects (FederID, FC², RoleID) and is involved at the core of national and international technical, scientific, and free software events. Moreover, Entr'ouvert directs upstream researches on identity management, e-administration, privacy respect, trust in digital communication and digital security.

Our directions of research

A first direction that has been developed is that of privacy preservation in digital transactions. In particular, we work on encryption tools enabling the presentation of certificates while preserving anonymity of the user. This also entails the implementation of certificates enabling a selective content presentation or property proofing of signed attributes. These works focus particularly on developing software tools such as the Cryptic library.

A second direction that has been developed is that of trust relationships in open environment. This entails the determination of constraints applied to safety properties within an environment devoid of central authority, where communications are through hostile channels, and diverse entities, possibly unknown, have to establish trust relationships.

We also direct research works on the implementation of a dynamic access control based on trust. This type of access control is adapted to access control in an inter-organizational field allowing access to unknown subjects.

Finally, we are presently directing researches on the ergonomics of an identity management system offering an interface adapted to the management of the user's digital life. This implies simplifying authentications, helping the user to master his personal data diffusion, to help him manage his administrative, banking or business online transactions.

Our collaborative projects


The RoleID project is a French-Finnish project started in 2009. This is a project of the Eureka program by ITEA2.

The project lays upon a dynamic access control system based on roles and an identity management distributed architecture.

The project site


The FC² project relates to the interconnection of the circles of trust of the French administration, banks, telecommunication operators and service providers through the web. The consortium is made of the Direction Générale pour la Modernisation de l'État (D.G.M.E.), the Groupe d'Intérêt Public sur la Carte Bancaire (G.I.P.C.B.), several French companies (Orange, Atos Worldline, Gemalto, Entr'ouvert) and a research team of the TELECOM Institute.

In particular, Entr'ouvert has realized a demonstrator for the simplification of electoral lists registration.

The project site


The FederID project is a project of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) resulting from the 2005 call for projects. The consortium is made of French companies (Thales, Linagora, Entr'ouvert), the TELECOM Saint-Étienne engineering school, and the ObjectWeb (OW2) consortium.

The FederID project has made possible the development or enhancement of a variety of free-source softwares dedicated to the management and federation of digital identities. The main softwares are the Lasso interface,  a software library complying with the SAML 2.0 (Dec. 2006) and ID-WSF 2.0 standards, Authentic, an SAML 2.0 identity provider and ID-WSF 2.0 discovery service, Inter-LDAP, a directory management and synchronization tool, as well as LemonLDAP, a reverse web proxy dedicated to web applications protection and access control.

The project site

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